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Mandatory Assignment 05 – Illustration/Photo

GRA 2 Mandatory Assignment 05 – Illustration/Photo
Subject Visual Communication
Learning outcomes This assignment should provide students with knowledge of:

  • Design history and Illustration.
  • Mastering developing methods for idea and concept.
  • Enable students to illustrate their ideas.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and be able to justify their design choices.
Software/Equipments Optional
Brief You are given the task of creating a magazine advert inspired by a specific style or era.

Go to a 2nd hand store, flea market or search grandma’s attic for an old product/object which is produced in the period before 1970’s.

Create an illustration inspired by a design style/era of your choice. Take a product photo of your product/object and find ways of combining this with the illustration.

You should research the specific era well and figure out which visual effects where common during that era. Then experiment using these effects for creating your advert.

Procedure The challenge is to first know the history/era of the product you are promoting, and what was happening in design at the time. Visit the Internet, library, historical museum or grandparents for inspiration.

Do a lot of research and trials before producing anything concrete. Apply idea development methods, for example the Scamper method.

  1. Choose an object/product.
  2. Research the era your object/product was made.
  3. Research design styles and adverts of the relevant era.
  4. Plan and execute product photo shoot.
  5. Experiment combining the product photo with self-produced illustrations and design elements.
  6. Finalize advert
  7. We suggest you write your report continuously throughout the production process.

So… next mandatory assignment. I have to say that this one inspired me and was really fun. I have discovered that I really like to draw! I hope to do more of it when time allows it. This assignment just sort of came together, which is nice but also sort of a problem I feel from time to time. I end up doing a lot of the preparations in my head (due to the fact that I am outside working all day) and although this works for me there is little to show in the report in the end…

The concept

My choice of product is the Rotring Variant pen. I have a set I’ve inherited from my mother. The were launched in 1958 and they were / are still the pinnacle of technical  design when it comes to ink pens.

The concept I’ve been woking with is to visually show the benefits of using the pens (rather than the technical details) for the intended target group.

Target group:

Creative people. People with creative jobs that reqiure drawing / illustration.

Age: 20 years to 55 years.

Mainly male.

Mid to high income.

Living in the city or suburbs. Commuting to work.

Secondary target group:

People with technical jobs that require technical drawing such as map makers. Otherwise as above.



Aids work.

Enables creatives to put down on paper what is in the head.



Irreversible result (permanent compared to pencils)

Message / achieved action

Thematically I want to show the benefits of use in a eye-catching maner. A little tounge-in-cheek or double entendre.

After doing some mind mapping and mulling it over for a while I had three ideas in my head. I did some preliminary sketches and then I did the illustrations. these are made with pencil and after that I used the Rotring pens to hatch on tracing paper as seen in the example below.

r0tring_sketch (3 av 3)r0tring_sketch (2 av 4)

I have used Photoshop to manipulate the photos and then created the ads in InDesign to come up with these three drafts of which I then chose the Eye-hand ad for submission.

bright_ideas_ad eye_hand_ad_rev budding_artist_ad

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