Learning Activity – Workflow and Backup

Written assignment                                  (2 hours) 
  • Draw a diagram of your preferred workflow and explain why you take certain steps.
  • Create a checklist for your workflow.
  • Take a screenshot of your folder structure.
  • Explain why creating backups are so important.

Diagram of my workflow


I usually use Adobe Lightroom as my organizer / photo editor. I select what pictures to import and edit there and I output pictures for use from there. The back up process is more of a “oh, I need to do a back up”- happening from time to time and I should be better at it, but so far most of my pictures are not that important. It is of course another thing if I were to take pictures for a client. Then my backing up procedure would be more rigorous and I would be more diligent.
I only use Photoshop for more serious manipulation as I feel that Lightroom is more than enough 99% of the time.

Checklist photo workflow.

  1. Import photos in to Lightroom
  2. first selection: Import only sharp images properly exposed images and do not import doubles.
  3. choose location / create folder
  4. Quickly go through the pictures and rate ”possibles” as 1 star. Discard the rest.
  5. Go through the possibles for a second ”culling”. Do some cropping and adjustment on the ones you like. Rate with 2 stars. Discard the rest.
  6. Back up he RAW-files to Timecapsule and Dropbox.
  7. Fine adjust the final selection and output for use (Project, Flickr, FB, client etc.)
  8. Format memory card in camera only when these steps have been taken.


Screenshot of folder structure

Skjermbilde 2015-04-20 14.01.05

Back up

Creating back ups is essential to the process as technological failure, human error and ”the hand of Satan” is always a possibility. Murphy’s law applies: Anything that can happen, will happen. Proper back up involves having a copy on the computer, a copy on an external drive and preferably a copy on another location as for instance in cloud storage.

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