sketched spheres

Learning Activity – Sketching Techniques

Practical assignment (observation and analysis)    1,5 days
  1. Define, in your own words, the printmaking terms.
  2. Find examples on the Internet to represent each of those terms.
  3. Use your graphite, eraser, eraser putty and blending stub to sketch spheres using the following techniques: hatching and cross hatching, blending, rendering, squiggly lines and cross contour lines. (Please scan your sketches and upload them to Moodle.)
  4. Watch the prescribed Adobe Illustrator video on and complete the exercise files.
  5. Find a poem that inspires you. Follow the exercise in the lesson above and illustrate your poem

Had a bit of a busy week so I’m a little behind on this one. Uploading what I have for now and I’ll see if I can do the rest later.


Wood engraving

image / art is carved out of a piece of hardwood. Ink is applied and the image is transferred to paper.


Same as above but with soft linoleum instead of wood.


the image is carved out of / scratched in to soft metal. This is then inked up and the image is transferred to paper.


Wax is apåplied to a hard metal plate. The image is then carved out of the wax. The plate is put in an acid bath ant the acid eats into the exposed metal. When the wax is removed the plate is inked up (pushing ink into the grooves created by the acid) and then printed off on a press.


The art is cut into metal. The metal is then inked up and printed off on a press.


Wax is applied to stone plates. ink will not stay on the wax, so it fills the grooves creating a negative drawing which is then transferred onto a drum and then paper.

 Screen printing.

Masks are made to create patterns. ink is then pushed through a fine silk screen using a rubber squegee, past the masks and onto paper.

 Mono printing

Ink is drawn onto a piece of glass and then printed off. No press is needed.




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