Learning Activity – Planning a Fashion Shoot

Question 1                                                           (1 hrs 30 min)

Written assignment

▪In your own words, describe the procedure of planning a fashion shoot. You don’t need to go into too much detail, a short outline will do.

▪What are the stylist’s duties?

▪List your duties as photographer

▪What equipment would you take along on the Alice in Wonderland shoot that was featured in this module?

▪Find an editorial fashion spread in a fashion magazine. Explain what you think the concept was, what equipment they used and how the location affected the concept. Scan or photograph the shoot and hand it in along with your answer.

Question 2                                                                   (3 hrs)

Practical assignment

1. Watch the tutorial on Lynda.com: Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Editorial Assignment

▪Plan a Snow White themed fashion shoot.

▪Create a mood board for hair, make-up and fashion.

▪Create a storyboard

▪Create a shot list

▪Create a timeline for the shoot day

Question 1

  • Plan a theme / concept
  • create a moodboard to visualize the theme / concept to yourself and other team members.
  • Create a storyboard as a guide to the shoot. How will the compositions look? What equipment will be used for each shot?
  • Make a shotlist. The shotlist is basically a project plan for the day. Outlining what equipment to bring, where and when to meet up, who are the team members, what shots are planned.
  • Choose a model
  • Appoint stylist
  • appoint hair and make-up artist
  • Book venue and get proper permissions
  • food and drink

As as the photographer I am responsible for art direction, directing the model, controlling the crew to keep them informed and on schedule.

I would bring camera, lenses (35mm and 50 mm), reflectors, soft boxes, Tripod, computer, batteries, extra memory cards.


The fashion spread  I chose was from a ”man on the street” shoot in Firenze. First off the locations seem too well thought out to be spontaneous. Looking at the Andy Warhol look-a-like in the Yellow coat. The background coloring is too perfect to be spontaneous.

I think the photographer has used a 50 mm lens, probably an assistant with a reflector to light up faces, especially with the models using hats.

I feel that the photos have been processed in PS after the shoot to give them a slightly faded, aged look which fits with an old town like Firenze. Also they have an almost ”gritty, back alley” look to them which is not by chance. This creates an exiting contrast to the fancy clothing.

fashionspread (1 av 1)

Question 2

Snowwhite theme shoot



Storyboard SW


Ruins in Sigtuna, Sweden + forest nearby

Time on set:


Team on set:

Make-up artist: NN

Stylist: NN

Art Director: NN

Photographer: Johan Andersson

Assistant: NN

Model: NN

Equipment needed:

  • Wide angle, zoom and 50 mm lens
  • Camera body + spare camera
  • Memory cards
  • Battery chargers
  • Light set
  • Diffuse box
  • Computer


  • Outfit 1: tower room 1
  • Outfit:2: Tower window
  • Outfit 3: Apple
  • Outfit 4: Mysterious forest.
  • Props: Apple, Spinning wheel


Time on set: 08.30

Hair and make up: 09.00

Rigging for shots: 09.00

Stylist: 09.45

First shot: 10.15

Setup second shot: 10.45

Second shot: 11.00

Lunch: 11.45

Set up: 12.30

Third shot: 12.45

location change: 13.15

Set up 4 shot: 13.45

Fourth shot: 14.00

Packing up: 14.45

Off set: 15.30

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